The Relative Sizes of the Trilogy Texts

Koran: 152,006 words. Note: this count will differ with each translation.

Hadith: Bukhari has 645,745 words.

Sira: the Sira has three divisions. There is Mohammed’s life as a prophet and auxiliary material that precedes his prophet-ship and events following his death. The third element is Hisham’s notes. We have a precise word count for Mohammed’s prophet-hood from a scanned version of Guillaume’s The Life of the Muhammad. It covers 423 pages and has a word count of 272,918 words. Since the material from his actual life as a prophet is Sunna, we only use the prophet material.

Total of Koran, Sira  (without Sira extras) and Hadith: 1,072,589 words.

As a technical note: if we include the auxiliary material and Hisham, the total word count is estimated to be: 379,700 words.

The Relative Sizes of the Islamic Texts


Supporting Data

Koran Text PDF Hadith Text PDF Sira Text PDF
Reference Koran Sira Hadith
Word Count 152,006 272,918 645,745
Fraction of Total
1,070,669 words
14% 26% 60%