CSPIThirteen Talks on Islam
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Thirteen Talks on Political Islam  
Introduction to the Thirteen Talks
1. Mohammed - an orphan who became the first ruler of all of Arabia.
2. The Basics - know the kafir.
3. Jihad- the key to Mohammed’s success.
4. Jews- annihilated in Arabia.
5. Christians- Islam is not a brother.
6. Dhimmi- our greatest shame.
7. Women- must submit to men.

8. Slaves- Islam enslaved Europeans and sold the African slaves to America.

9. Ethics- Islamic ethics are dualistic.
10. The Koran- you can know the Koran.
11. Duality and Submission-Islam is based upon separation and domination.
12. Tears of Jihad- 270 million people have died over the last 1400 years of jihad.
13. Conclusions- Islam is a political system that makes all other governments submit.

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