CSPI The Political Traditions of Mohammed

The Political Traditions of Mohammed
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  • When is a Muslim supposed to lie?
  • The worst sin is not murder, rape, or theft. What is it?
  • What does Islam say about our government and Constitution?
  • What does freedom of speech mean in Islamic lands?
  • When is it proper for a Muslim to steal?

Learn the answers to every question about Islamic doctrine.

The Traditions and Islam

The words and deeds of Mohammed are the ideal pattern to be followed by all Muslims at all times. Mohammed’s speech and actions are called the Sunna and are recorded in the Traditions (the Hadith).

The Traditions are more important in the daily practice and world-view of a Muslim than the Koran. Without the Traditions there can be no Islam.

There is no subject so great or small that is not covered. Ethics, jihad, sex, slavery, art and everyday habits are all given in great detail.

The Traditions are a tactical manual of Islamic politics and are a key to understanding Islam.

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