CSPI A Self-Study Course on Political Islam Levels 1, 2, and 3

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The First Self-Study Training on Islam

This is a complete, educational self-study training for those people who know nothing about Islam and its political doctrine but want to learn.

The Training

The course has three levels of study.

* Level 1 is available in print or in audio format as The Foundations of Islam, a 14-part lecture series, that introduce the basic concepts

* Level 2 is the companion book, A Self Study Course on Political Islam which gives a broad view of every important aspect of Islam that was introduced in Level 1.

* Level 3 is included in A Self Study Course on Political Islam and goes more in-depth into the same subjects in Levels 1 and 2.

When you finish all three levels, you will have enough expertise to answer most questions about Islam.

Understand Islam

For 1400 years knowledge about Islam has been hidden behind a veil. How many people do you know who have read the Koran and understand it?

Now modern analytic methods have removed the veil of confusion and reveal a political system and religion that is easy to understand.

Mohammed’s rise to power was violent. He was a failure as a preacher, but he was a great success as a politician and warlord. You will learn about assassinations, jihad, enslavement, plots, secret agents and the deaths of 270 million.

Fact-Based Knowledge

You will learn from the same sources that Islamic leaders use. The self-study training is taken from Islamic source texts, and all the facts are easily verified. This self study training is not about opinions. What you will hear and read is the truth about Islam.

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