CSPI An Abridged Koran - Readable and Understandable

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  • Why are there actually two Korans?
  • When are Muslims allowed to kill non-Muslims?
  • What does the Koran say about slavery?
  • Why is most of the Koran is about politics, not religion?
  • Why is Islamic Hell a political prison?

Every question about the Koran is easily answered.

An Abridged Koran

The Koran is very repetitive. The story of Moses and the Pharaoh is told more than 30 times. In this abridged version the repetition is removed, shortening the book by more than half, but leaving the full meaning intact.

A powerful method of ordering, sorting and categorizing the Koran makes it easy to read. An Abridged Koran is a powerful epic story that is easy to understand.

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